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Established since 2013, Rayjin Teppanyaki & Dinning Bar has been serving delicious fusion Japanese Teppanyaki straight from the heart. Adjusting to Western and local taste, we only use well-chosen and high quality ingredients cooked in a classy teppanyaki cooking style to ensure that the food we serve is always on par with the best.

Prioritizing food quality and presentation along with teamwork performance as the entertainment attraction. We provide our guests a warm and friendly yet professional service to keep the essentiality of interaction between our team and guests.





Omotenashi means the Japanese way of hospitality. Treating guests with a welcoming spirit, full of warmth, understanding and above all, respect. Adopting the culture itself, we are always committed to meet the needs of our guests by serving them with sincerity to create a happy and memorable dining experience.


Rayjin Teppanyaki & Dining Bar is a modern contemporary Japanese restaurant. The design aims to create a fun and energetic dining experience with the spirit to entertain guests wholeheartedly. 

Guests will be welcomed with Japanese greetings by the time they walk in. We are also known for our simple-yet-modern approach to our open kitchen concept, adding distinctive touches of Japanese culture that allow guests to look at what is happening as their food are being prepared.


Recently open from lunch to dinner, we pride ourselves with an ultimate guideline of consistency and creativity. Adjusting to western and local taste, Rayjin Teppanyaki & Dining Bar ensures an exquisite dining experience by using high quality ingredients, cooked on a Japanese teppan grill with a modern twist of Japanese fusion.


Rayjin Teppanyaki & Dining Bar features wide variety of drinks with Japanese twist consists of cocktail, fresh juice, premium wine and sake to ensure the perfect dining experience.




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